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25 Fresh Ways To Style Your Mantel For Christmas

Traditional Christmas decor is all about reds, greens and whites but what if you don’t want that all colorful cheer? No worries, there are many more styles and ideas to try for winter holidays, and today I’d like to share some fresh and interesting ways to style your mantel for Christmas, and I promise, you won’t see anything tasteless or too colorful here!

Go Evergreens

Evergreens are symbolic for Christmas, and using them for decorating a Christmas mantel is a great idea, whether they are faux or natural ones. Making evergreen garlands is a great idea to try, they are very comfy to line up the mantel, such garlands can be accessorized with pinecones, ornaments and lights to make them cooler. Small evergreen trees are also a cool idea for a mantel, put a couple on one or both sides and you’ll get a festive feel at once. Even undecorated trees and garlands look cool and holiday-like, sometimes some evergreens and candles are everything that you need to create a fantastic Christmas mantel.

Paper Cone Santa Craft

I’m so excited to show you this little guy – we made a paper cone Santa craft – this is such a sweet Christmas craft for kids. You can put this fellow under the tree, he can sit on a shelf or just anywhere!

Easy DIY Christmas Pine Cone Decor That Will Amaze Everyone

It is time to start decorating for the holidays! Small details will help you to bring the festive atmosphere . If you think that you will spend lots of money, you are wrong. You can always DIY it! Pine cones are the perfect for that. They have interesting shape and look awesome, so they can fit in decor. Also, they are available and free too, as they are gifts from Mother Nature. Take a look at this cool gallery and see what you can do with them!

29 Cozy Evergreen Christmas Decor Ideas

Evergreens scream winter and Christmas, and there’s no better way to add a natural touch to your Christmas decor than evergreens! Evergreens aren’t only about a Christmas tree, use some for decorating your home – indoors and outdoors, such decor is very cozy, smells winter and is very budget-friendly – maybe you can even get some outside. If you don’t have real evergreens, why not use artificial branches? Let’s have a look at some amazing ideas to incorporate both real and faux evergreens.

Evergreen Wreaths

Wreaths are the most popular winter and Christmas decorations, they are suitable both indoors and outdoors and can be used in many spaces. A lush evergreen wreath with berries and eucalyptus or without any additions will look great and will bring a natural feel to the space. Hang it on your front door, on the stairs, on the wall to highlight the mantel or some area of your home. Add ribbon bows – creamy, emerald or red ones to bring a cool Christmas feel to your space.

12 Salt Dough Ornament Ideas for Old-Fashioned Christmas Fun

Making these festive ornaments will be your new favorite holiday tradition.

Classic Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough can be transformed into fun, festive ornaments like these with cookie cutters and a little paint and glitter.

Snowman Decorations: Make These in 5 Minutes!

Who needs a few snowman decorations for their tree?  When you can make them in about 5 minutes, I think we all do!  I am in love with these wood bead snowmen and how simple they are.  Grab your craft supplies and whip up a batch today!

DIY Paper Envelope Advent Calendar

For me, the countdown to Christmas is as exciting as the event itself. I just love all the buildup and anticipation. What better way to start the countdown to Christmas than with an advent calendar. Homemade ones are the best, as you get to choose what you put inside them. With this paper envelope advent calendar there is a chocolate treat and cheesy Christmas joke for each day. The calendar is very easy to make, I used Christmas craft paper to make mine. However, you can use any paper from upcycled Christmas wrapping paper, old book pages and even maps to make yours. So many possibilities!

Pretty Pistachio Christmas Ornament

Create a nature-theme Christmas ornament from pistachio shells glued to a foam shape.

10 Exciting Christmas Decorations Created From Pool Noodles

When you think of pool noodles, maybe you just think of water, sunshine and fun, however there are a lot of new and creative holiday decorations made from pool noodles. One such example is making a Christmas wreath for your front door. Most of the pool noodle decorations are easy and budget-friendly, so they are very suitable for the upcoming winter holiday.

1. Transform them into lawn candles with foam board for the flame:

Awesome Garage Door Decorating Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is soon going to arrive and it is the time to turn your home from boring and normal to eerie and haunting. But are you tired of these decorating ideas such as: place some pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns on steps; spread some fake spider webs over bushes or hang skull ghosts from your front porch…? Indeed, you need to try some new ideas. For example: you can treat your garage door as a giant canvas to show off your creative Halloween decor. And more, you can make your house itself a decoration by turning your garage door into a giant, man-eating monster. Really cool, you will find all these unique and spooky garage door decorating ideas below.

20 Halloween Outdoor Decorations Ideas To Welcome Your Trick-or-Treaters

Are you feeling enthusiastic about Halloween? It is time to pick up some ideas for decorating your yard. And we have the best ones for you.It is time to bring out the spookiness in your outdoor space. So, what to do this year? We bet that you want to have the best looking yard in the whole neighborhood. These ideas will help you with that. So, where to start from? How does the idea of having ghost in the yard sound to you?

29 Ways To Incorporate A Grandfather’s Clock Into Decor

A grandfather’s clock is statement piece, which has been classics for many years, and I’d even say centuries. You may think that it’s a bit old-fashioned and can’t be integrated into modern interiors but you are mistaken! A gorgeous vintage piece, whether this is a furniture piece or a decoration or accessory, can add a chic feel to any interior, and sometimes a contrast it creates is the most eye-catchy thing in the space. Let’s have a look how to incorporate a grandfather’s clock into your interior.

Grandfather’s Clocks In Decor

If you have a cool grandfather’s clock from your grandparents or a flea market, you can easily make a stylish statement with it. Such a piece can be incorporated into a rustic, vintage, Scandinavian, art deco, shabby chic or eclectic space. If it doesn’t fit in the color, just repaint or refinish it and voila – a cool statement piece is done! As for rooms, grandfather’s clock can be placed in entryways, living rooms, dining rooms and even kitchens and bathrooms, everything depends on what effect you want to achieve.

Repurposed Grandfather’s Clocks

You can re-paint the clock or add some pattern to it to make it more eye-catching. You can also repurpose the clock, for example, a living room can be completed with a shelf made of a grandfather’s clock – paint it, add colorful wallpaper inside and maybe some drawers. If it’s a dining room, you can leave the clock and add dinnerware storage. The clock face can be substituted with a painting or a mirror, or you can leave it as it is.

Modern Grandfather’s Clocks

There are bold versions of traditional grandfather’s clocks that will make a gorgeous statement anywhere. It can be a clock with an aquarium, a marble piece with brass – such a luxurious item! An ultra-modern piece of smoked glass and with an electronic face clock will blow your mind!

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Must Try This DIY Knot Pillow!

Decorating your house is a fun activity. Especially when you create your own and unique decorations. It is up to you and your imagination. Remember that creativity has no limits! Today we have a brilliant idea for making something that will fit in every home. And the process of making is very easy! If you like pillows, then you will love this for sure.  You don’t need fancy equipment  for this one. Even if you are not into sewing, you will make it, as this one does not require any special skills. You must try this DIY Knot Pillow that is effortless and costs almost nothing!

Make a Shelf by Using Repurposed Wood Shutters

I love to find ways to turn unwanted items into something fresh, new, and functional. I’m always on the hunt at thrift stores and places like Habitat for Humanity to find “stuff” that I can make over. Wood window shutters are a great item to buy when you find them because they are usually inexpensive, light weight, and can be upcycled in many different ways. For this shutter shelf decor project I used mini wood shutters and a craft pallet board, but you can also do this with larger shutters and boards.

Repurposed Crib Ideas To Create Surprisingly Awesome Furniture

Throwing away old items is not a good idea. Instead, you should get creative and find new purposes for them. And today I bring you some cool ideas for one very special item. Baby cribs bring lot of memories, so why not give them a second life? Check out these repurposed crib ideas and create awesome furniture!